Monday, September 20, 2004

monday morning 3 pm

woke up a bit late this morning, sloshed down some coffee & drove the 12-yr-old up the hill, he was late too, he relies on me to wake him up. it's fall finally, the grass crackling beneath the feet, the marching band playing in the distance, and finally, a breath outside without the steam-heat pressing on the lungs.

makes a person think of travelling.

if you're down this way, stop in...
land-a linkin', Illinois

Friday, September 17, 2004

let a thousand flowers bloom...

i seem to have started a movement here at work, with lots of people putting things up, linking to their home blogs, linking back to us, linking to different yahoos (sorry about the capitalization problem...)

meanwhile i've started swimming, don't get down to the arena so often, and when i do, it's all very noisy. it's fall here, very dry, leaves falling, and it's only sept., but it'll get a little cool soon and that'll be nice for me.

my class is doing environmental problems of missouri, which include the cement plant in ste. genevieve county, the mississippi, the missouri, even deformed frogs...that was the weekend work cut out for me...i just came up here because, having gone out for lunch, i missed my swim, and needed some exercise or i'd go nuts...

am working on the template. go see me at work. gotta run...


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

hello again...decided to keep this one personal, small case, etc., and make a professional one, because the whole program is getting into them. We now have a students' weblog, a teachers' one, and several class ones on the way. is busy, i'm getting my exercise swimming now, and hope to leave the arena parking lot to those late-night crowds so common at this time of year...more later!