Sunday, November 17, 2019

My family:

When I was 23 (1978), I had my first child,
(1) Josephine Chandler, with Linda Chandler. She is now married to Derek Andre, and has two children, Layla and Landon.

Then (in 1986) I married Elizabeth Herman, and had two sons:
(5) Justin Leverett, who married Marion Edgemeyer, and had a son Tobias.
(6) Noah Leverett

In 2001 I married Jennifer Dunn and became stepfather to her three children:
(2) Natalie Metz Zeman, who married Ethan Zeman and had three children, Kenna, Maya, and Nori;
(3) Eric Metz, who married Jenn; and
(4) Kylie Metz Brewer, who married Josh Brewer, and had two children, Bayleigh and Madison

Jennifer Dunn and I had four children:
(7) Elias
(8) Corey
(9) Sierra
(10) Ava

Here are some family pictures
Corey, Sierra and Ava
family from whence I came
Layla and Landon
Justin & Marion's wedding  


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