Thursday, May 26, 2005

my friend dave here in carbondale is the first other person i know to do link poetry of any kind; this one has just a few but is nevertheless a toe in the lake of opportunity. how could one not see this as the best innovation since peanut butter?

it is, however, hard work, which is why i've reverted to simple haiku which I can write as i watch my two young children mornings. scroll down for some bad template policy haiku, which i do when i resent redoing hundreds of siu pages, but still i am grateful to siu for not only providing web space and food on my table, but also having general benevolence in its trust of my use of its space....which is why i haven't yet buried this haiku in the view source caves of the underground web. i can't predict the future, though, or say anything about what might happen out here in the free world.

ever hear of moving poetry?...this is where links within poetry actually change...they might go one place one day, and another the next...

the world is full of wonders, some not yet even imagined.

Monday, May 16, 2005

a hearty welcome to my daugher who is going by "doctor pistachio," living in minneapolis, getting into the blog scene, writing about things like finally getting a minnesota license plate, which is something i myself almost did almost eleven years ago. saw that canoer on there and thought i wanted one, but things didn't work out that way and i ended up in the land-a-linkin'.

we have dsl now, no reason to walk uptown to blog, i can sit here listening to ambulances (or police) off in the distance, in my own den, and blog a-little. i'm spending mornings with the two youngest boys (pictures forthcoming)...and it's a beautiful spring, a nice vacation.

working on the following projects:

1. book of ten, short stories, including old ones i don't really like any more. if i can only write a few more, i'll have enough to (self) publish. and i am in fact working on more. the running book is "unloading and nine other stories"...available to friends upon asking...

2. the book of plays: "thou heardest my voice and six other plays" being sent to tennessee as soon as it's reprinted, i'm feeling like this should be cleaned up, made available through friends (quakers), etc.

3. compilation of fairy tales, hundreds that have been written over the years; these aren't really mine except that they were given to me as a teacher. thus i wouldn't sell them so much as keep them around for inspiration and getting at the true source of stories...word of mouth...again, a mammoth undertaking.

4. a novel, have one in my head, but with all this running around, it's not happening right away.

5. poetry: i haven't forgotten you...SIUC is forcing ugly template design on all SIUC webpages; for me this amounts to many hundreds of cesl pages and about 80 linguistics pages, i won't get started on this, only to say that: do they really want to copyright everything i've done? do they need the privacy policy on even the most vacuous announcements? is there any color in the world that looks good with their choice of maroon? to get to the point: i've written some bad template policy haiku...enjoy!