Friday, September 30, 2005

indians lose in thirteen...zen jack from cleveland declares ohio a purple state. not necessarily in that order. life goes on!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

more to the baseball indians' story (indians won tonight, but so did the white sox: white sox will be tough, but we hope to beat them three in a row & hold the yanks and red sox at bay) that a guy named sockalexis was involved in the naming of the indians, who were, for a while, called the naps. i think they should be the naps again. what was wrong with the naps?
i have a new project, been working on it for a few days, but it's barely started. this one is called boxcars on walnut, and it will do several things. first, unlike e pluribus haiku, it will be a little experimental, not as austere, not restricted to an austere program. i've got stuff i want to try, and i might as well try it here, while i'm at home, rather than when i'm all over the place. i'm slowly putting down some link poetry; can't say it's great, but it's a record. and as i look around, i know it'll hold up, at least until i can make it better. i'm not advertising it all over the place (very few people even come here, because i'm not done (not done with either of them, really), so i'm not ready to go out and say, here's link poetry...but, this one is for carbondale, my town, my adopted home. my one-horse town with a drinking problem.
the air is cooler, it's clear and blue-sky, finally, and that means life is good...for me, anyway. i love winter here, and spring's ok too, only summer is too hot, so this is a good time. big dates looming: playoffs and world serious, eli turns 4, corey turns 1/2, adoption finalized, cyberconference, thanksgiving. not to mention halloween...

Friday, September 23, 2005

now i've always loved my sports, not american football really, but most of the others, and i love the teams in the places where i've lived, so i'm still a fan of, say, the hawkeyes, the pitt state gorillas, and of course the salukis. but anyone that knows me knows that i really only have one team in this world, a team that's been with me all my life through thick and thin, and that's the cleveland indians.

so here's the problem. they're winning now, they're real hot, they haven't gone anywhere in a while, but now, they're the hottest team in baseball. they've come from fifteen behind in august to almost on top, the third best team in baseball, and this brings a lot of attention onto their goofy mascot which is, by modern standards, not good. whether or not the team name was made to honor indians (so the story goes), one should no longer make fun of indians with one's hat. and this has become quite obvious.

yet i remain totally, absolutely loyal to them, down to the last pitch. they are the one and last remaining connection to my hometown...and, whether they do the right thing and just change the name or not,

i'm stickin' with 'em...

International Peace Day - 21st September

Friday, September 09, 2005

this is your brain....this is your brain on weblogs. (how does that one go? i don't watch much tv)...that's the general theme of what i'm going to be doing professionally for the next round. it may not sound that way when it's over...but, that's where it's starting.

i've become interested in how people present that end i've been collecting weblogs of the interesting people i've run across. have missed quite a few but try to put the good ones up here. i'm also collecting weblog directories but you don't see those yet.

what about the poetry??? i haven't given up. i have over 110...(some do not deserve the name haiku)...i am trying to tell a story of a journey...i have had an organizational crisis (some of this journey took place in mexico and canada...what to do?...also, should i be true to the journey, or distribute it a little to the lesser-visited places...also, what order can i expect the reader to visit it...and finally, should i include pictures???...)

this is my dilemma, this is my dilemma on weblogs.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ever hear of wiki wednesday? this is it! this guy probably knows more about it than i do. i can tell you what a wiki is. a guy i encountered set one up for people in new orleans (slidell?) but they didn't really know how to use it properly...i'm not sure i do either. there's always a first time!....

Sunday, September 04, 2005 here's the little fella:


click on him & you'll see my beautiful wife, i hope...

here's the cousin's club, from new mexico:


older daughter just got back from denmark; it's worth reading about.

it's labor day here; weather's nice, and i have a lot to do- labor, you know. the kind of stuff that doesn't get done when you do too much other stuff.

this little guy takes a bit of my attention too.


love 'em all, don't begrudge a bit of it. chou...