Saturday, March 19, 2005

go SALUKIS....


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

in the spirit of blatant self-promotion, i'm always glad to have a reference from a friend, and especially as a local blogger who wants to keep it up here in carbondale and keep the pressure on the folks in the city to recognize and respond to the blogging community, I'm glad to support dave and what he's doing. my blog is not so much journalism, as it is (these days), as I said, blatant self-promotion, in this case of creative work, but on my professional blog, of professional work. i've found blogging to be very useful to me for mostly professional reasons: it makes me want to produce, want to put stuff up here, proud to announce it when i do, etc.

which reminds me, i submitted a story, Unloading, to the Nelson Algren Fiction Contest of the Chicago Tribune, a legitimate (i hope) organization. don't think i'll win; don't think i'll even find out until august; nevertheless, i'm on the production cycle, and am trying to keep up the output...

it's still cold, unusually cold for march in carbondale. we went to paducah, but the boys got sick, and we came back early. now it's back to work, and getting ready for my tesol presentations, of which this one is on top.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Thou Heardest My Voice- a critical success. everyone performed and did well; a fair crowd showed up; a play was seen and heard by folks in the town. it goes into history as one of the more interesting ones, a statement on the war, an addition to the dialogue, i guess. and the kids enjoyed it, even wondered and in some cases asked what the lesson was.

it's a cold march day, snowing out this morning. now it's back to business, personal and work, getting ready for tesol, and more writing. am about to start a weblog for madison research...i'll keep you posted. it's getting so i have enough informaton to have trouble keeping track of it, and need a place just to keep it in one place.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Carbondale Illinois
Sun., Mar. 6
Thou Heardest My Voice
Performed by the young Friends of Southern Illinois Friends Meeting
Interfaith Center, corner of Grand and Illinois
All welcome!
Recent articles:

all pdf, all published in Global Study Magazine.

  • A question of time (pdf) (2005), Global Study Magazine 3.1, pp. 42-43. London, UK. About the role of grammar questions in the classroom.

  • The road to fluency (pdf) (2004), Global Study Magazine 2.3, pp. 46-47. About what happens to intermediate learners when they start thinking in another language.

  • A midwestern tale (pdf) (2004), Global Study Magazine 2.2, pp. 16-17. About why you all should come visit!

    took me a while to get them up, etc., but I'm proud of them.