Thursday, December 15, 2005

The three best things about the web:

here's for the guitar comment-spammers: guitar guitar guitar! come & get me!


the newest- volume 2...southern Illinois, home of the Hurd Brothers, may they rest in peace...this album is a benefit for the Hurd Brothers music scholarship, and it has the best of southern Illinois.

Find out more here.

Friday, December 09, 2005

snow in carbondale...unusual for it to be so cold, so white, so early...but kind of nice. have to scrape the 1968 windshield and choke out the truck in the morning...remember the 4-year-old's gloves, etc.

tonight i'm thinking of a friend of mine in egypt, where the beni suef theatre fire killed many on sept. 5 and then became a national scandal. among those killed were a friend of her husband and a mentor who was going to help her translate my prayers go out to all of them.

the week was dominated for me by the inadvertant destruction of the cesl a student worker...& i remind myself that we, after all, are here to educate the young (in watching us not lose it i guess, if nothing else...).... 404's, dead picture tags everywhere i's not my whole life..-sez's just my job...

16 research papers, another stack, yet another class coming to an end, and put off everything in the house and around, the holiday for example. one son is doing 'band-amonium' at the high school. my band is doing a cd called 'life goes on'...and there will be a new 'guitars between the rivers' this season...

one last baby, learning to crawl, tipping over onto his stomach, scooting around, backing up to get a better goes on indeed... -more later