Friday, February 02, 2007

ran into a rough patch, with first the bicycle breaking down, then the truck, and finally the family car, the last two not serious; the bicycle, however, still unfixed. all that running around left me tired, disoriented, away from my creative activity, but my sister came through town, gave an inspirational performance at the daycare, nephews in front row in rapt attention. i was amazed by her reference to
peter and the wolf, and in fact remembered that the duck was the one which was played by the clarinet- was it not also swallowed by the wolf, only to reappear later? this was a blast from our childhood, which featured all of the wide and various emotions and dramas that she now pours into the clarinet. it seemed that students of the music school especially enjoyed her performance, which was not advertised, not known, not heralded otherwise. she kind of slipped into town, visited, and left. but the snow arrived with her- and this was our first- so that made it an altogether interesting beginning for a february.

not much new on the bog- team leverett did win a couple of times on sunday, but thurs. was futile in spite of a good turnout, mostly of my own children. noey's been sick; josie rocks but is somewhat like me; only bruce scrolls to the bottom each time and memorizes the words that are made by chewing rocks. margot of course has boggle in the blood, but was worn out from the performance....and justin, way out in kansas, where words stretch out like telephone poles out onto the horizon, as far as the eye can see, well, he's been there, i think, at least part of the time, but winning doesn't come easy. we'll have to practice, do some serious goofing off.

a chilly cold has settled over the area; it'll leave the snow clean and white, and icy underneath, for a while. drive safe- but park diagonal.


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