Saturday, January 27, 2007

i want to point out a fantastic story by my son, noah. he rocks! we had a murder-mystery challenge; he produced- and, his light shines through- along with his memory of new york...i'm proud!

a bicycle sproinged undone on me, one weekday morning, left me walking & late for class, a bicycle to fix. it's the heart of winter, but not too cold here, just gray, long, bleak. into the bog where the leveretts, someone else besides me, helped me win, even tonight, not rock the bog night. and, at cesl game day, i even got a team cesl going this afternoon, and told my colleagues, the point of this game is to work together to try to beat my brother (who was also playing, presumably at work). teachers liked the game, being natural wordsmiths, but, students gravitated more toward playstation car races, where the action was. speaking of which, motor speedway, official, airplane with propeller- these are all as real as cardboard now - eli can hardly wait to get started in the evenings, cutting, coloring, making cardboard wheels, etc. but the scanner is down- and what time do i have at work? would like to show some of this hard work, but havn't had a chance.

and finally, i humbly await the cd while our singer tries to finish her phd exams...could be some news on the creative front soon...though i don't expect it to change much. it's grim, this winter, a bicycle view of old fast-food bags blowing around the gray, wet streets, the cold angling up into one's jacket, making buildings into heat saunas. i'll be grateful, when i can just sit outside again.


Blogger Peggy said...

I find that when I go into an overheated building in the winter, I get soooo sleepy.

12:52 AM  

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