Sunday, January 21, 2007

team leverett rocked the bog tonight- must have been bruce, but we won every game from when i got on (10:00 chicago time- somebody was already winning) for about half an hour. somebody even made a name, leveretts are killin' - though that could have been one of us. we were killin'...but then, it fell away for a while, and then, about 11 or so, my game froze up on me. i saw nothing but an old board and a frozen setup. i waited for a while until i finally logged out & came back, noticed leveretts were still around- but not for long. they were pretty much gone by 11:30. i'm pathetic alone, so i gave up for a while.

so here's to bruce in pittsburgh pa, margot in nyc, josie in seattle, noah on allyn street, justin in lawrence kansas, bill in derbyshire uk--way to rock the bog!...we'll be back- i for one may not be there all three hours, but if we can win big i've gotta see it. it could be a dynasty...see you thursday!


Blogger Peggy said...

Good luck with that! I've not boggled in a while.

4:01 AM  
Blogger J-Funk said...

I was there and it was FUN! I had a lot of problems with the server too.

It wasn't me who made the 'leveretts are killing' name - I didn't even notice it.

10:30 AM  

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