Monday, January 01, 2007

ok ok so i'll do better in the new year, starting now. the wind got taken out of my sails by a number of things, including, one, vacation, most people blog more when they have time, but i blog to release stress, so when i have only family-type stress, i actually have less material- two, my brother visited, with his family, and he knows virtually everything about my life, besides being my most consistent reader maybe, but this of course brings up the question of exactly what i am putting up here and what is the standard deviation from the absolute truth. brings it up in my mind, of course, since he was polite enough to say very little about it, except that there is more that hasn't gone up yet. and third, there's the general reflection that goes along with every break, which is, what the heck am i doing anyway- my writing was already somewhat splintered, with plays, short stories, and this kind of rambling stuff featured here, and i was hoping to get off a novel one of these days, but now, things are still splintered, i'm tired, no chance of a novel for the moment, and i'm still up in the air about the different genres i toss about like so much hay on a fork. i wrote another christmas letter, and i'm kind of sentimental about that, because in a way it's those letters that started it all, made me realize i like writing. i actually had a productive year, but also left a bunch of stuff hanging, i'm not happy with it, i know it could be better and feel like applying myself to it before i put it away. yet, to be honest, don't know if i will. so many promises to myself and even to this blog go unfulfilled, maybe i better just rest my fingers.

lose weight, visit parents, provide a gentle hand for those who need it, those are my resolutions. i'm grateful, for now, that i'm under everyone's radar, no one has asked me what my five things are. did i ever have five things that nobody knew? i'm just a schmuck with five things too many already, that everyone knows. maybe that's why they didn't ask. i'm also the kind of guy that could very easily spend twice as much time here as i should, and am grateful to the occasional person who tells me to get off & get a life. i've got a life, but, i want to write too. that's what it's about, for me- i'm not ready to publish it yet, i'm still working on the style, but, at the same time i'm publishing every minute, and enjoying that too. and the staying-under-everyones-radar part is working out just fine, although i know that if i ever make any real enemies, they'll be all over this thing like a fly on _____. eat your hearts out. if you find anything juicy, i'll just say it's fiction. the best you can do probably, is prove that i'm right here, by my computer, at this very moment, which is just barely after the new year passed over denver's snowstorm. bless you all, my faithful audience, and i wish you luck & genuine prosperity in the new year.


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