Tuesday, January 09, 2007

-my flickr account is full, which gives me a picture-storage dilemma; i'd noticed that pictures (like those below) can actually be stored on the weblog itself (as these two are), but i don't like that for several reasons. one of them is that even with my bad eyes i can see that they are grainy and unclear, and have begun to enjoy the luxury of using major bandwidth to actually see faces. i realize of course that when i put a big honking picture on this weblog some of you out there have to wait a little too long to see anything- for that i apologize.
-team leverett won the bog, not once but three times, not just my older boys and myself, but some other mystery leverett, presumably bruce. bruce knows everything, in particular obscure words. and bog has become big business these days, sometimes with a field of over 200 players, servers that back up, and almost nobody left from the old days except maybe laia.
-my youngest son is at a very intense stage of language development where he actually has enough language to actually communicate a number of things, but often with faulty interpretation on our part. for example, he might say, "mawmo" and point to the vcr; we interpret that as him wanting to watch an elmo (mawmo) movie, when in fact, it's better interpreted as, let's watch any movie. or, entertain me, i'm too young for weblogs, runescape, or second life.
-at one point (vacation snippet), some toys over on the shelf settled, and one, deep down, spoke. i'm not sure what it said. this also happened, if i recall correctly, beneath the christmas tree. if a toy speaks, and nobody is in the room who hears it (or, it doesn't wake up the dog, who is going deaf), is that the same as the tree falling in the forest? no, because you can use the tree for firewood.
-the cd is done, but i may get pulled into the graphics end of it, which would actually be difficult for me, because i'm a cut-and-paste graphics designer, not a photoshop one. this is not by choice. would love a few basic skills in this department. i do have a number of old postcards, but no time to scan more, or even put the ones i have in one place (scroll down the template)...
-a murder mystery challenge is on- i hope to write one, and hope also that my older boys will each write one. last time, it was a totally successful and awesome experience. this time it's vacation, it might go a little slower. one is back in school already; i unfortunately have had to at least start thinking about it. mostly, though, i'm spending my time watching the little fellows (planning & making a cardboard racetrack, for example)- and waiting for the older ones to either wake up, or get off the computer, or both. i did get a swim in today, though, and, love the weather, though it's rainy, then cold, then gray, then rainy again, etc. my kind of stuff. makes you appreciate the la-z-boy. my story, if i write it, will be about wal-mart. i hate to make promises though. i do the best i can; i'm kind of resting. am working a little on a tesol presentation, though, so maybe i'll get the writing blood flowing again.


Anonymous bruce said...

Yes it was me playing web boggle. Did you know that Margot took up web boggle? She mentioned it when we visited her in November. (Josie told her about it.)

We have some toys that spontaneously speak -- Nancy's Braille 'n' Speak, if she forgets to turn it off, might spontaneously say "hello" or something every so often. Kind of spooky. Then there are watches on which the kids will set the alarm for something like 3 AM and then leave the watch somewhere and forget about it, and also forget how to unset the alarm.

9:32 AM  

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