Friday, February 16, 2007

i'm barely able to keep posting, about to keel over early on a friday evening due to exhaustion, cruel winter, overteaching, etc. not to mention, staying up on the bog on thurs. (finally winning, once, in a tie, at about 11:30, but staying competitive for a while), and practicing music. can't give up the good stuff no matter how crowded it gets.

insomnia rules the household- as tired as i am, i would almost rather fall asleep right here at the computer, in some ways. the back rooms of the house are a bit cold, though...

have more to say...but not now...will fill you in later, i hope. went out for dinner tonight for one boy's fifteenth- right amid abe, george, and st. val, here we've got noah, and the table gathers round - and that's a good memory to go back & try once more- i wish you a good weekend, and may spring lighten its step a little, & give us something to wash down the salt...


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