Friday, February 09, 2007

wrote a big long post the other night, got to the bottom, and it read void(0), whatever that means, means new blogger and old mac aren't talking, or aren't reaching each other. same day, i'd tried to explain to low-level students what it means to "feel like you don't belong," as some poor woman felt in our novel. a hard concept, unrelated to its words, i guess. kind of like them saying, it's twelve below- they live in c (it's actually 18 f)... a bit of translation problems. the new blogger and its 'conveniences' about have me throwing in the proverbial towel- and, rearranging in the office forced us all to live out of a thumb-drive suitcase, as i've had to do, more or less for a while. but now i have a blind student who needs that thumbdrive for rtf files which he can read in braille, and it's crowded. at one point i had to stick it into a pc just to get a print- and i thought, i'm glad i'm not a cntrl-freak, pc's are really tough. life is a little crazy, a little difficult, with some attachments getting lost up there in the e-mail, and some posts lost in cyberspace, a few computers spinning their innard wheels, and ms. feed the copier chewing up a bit of toner for breakfast. and on the blogs, half a publish button means froze up, no java, void(0). a wicked cold spell on top of it, i've been driving the truck, wimping out on the broken bike, parking it in the shadow of the pulliam clocktower, but leaving corey's mittens in the office, and my lunch at the daycare. making midterms, one for each large class, and worrying about my tesol presentations which are for the most part about weblogs, yet sometimes i can't get past void(0), and going over to ie means a horror show of a halloween carnival.

the weboggle- nan shackworks himself- had a rough sunday, but was back on ok tonight, though i didn't get on 'til 11, and team leverett didn't win in the hour i played. somebody, maybe bruce, was there helping big. it could just have been justin and josie, maybe even noah, who are all pretty good now. though we didn't win, placing third & fourth out of 239 is no small change, i oughta relax & enjoy it, esp. since the family, in all its world corners, is pitching in...and, speaking of family, looking forward to seattle, where i'll breathe in the cherry blossoms, the foghorns on the sound, the salmon & the sea, for a few days, then turn around & come back. i'm hoping to say, don't let the void(0)s get you down, it builds character, like a good snowstorm, makes you fluent in browsers, makes you appreciate an upgrade- you can crash if you like, but don't crash your hard drive.

then, all this running around, accreditation, three midterms, thumbdrive squaredance, and the void(0) festival, come home to watch the little guys, and the five-year-old pokes his eye with a pencil. i felt terrible, and didn't know what to say, it wasn't his fault, but he's old enough to know, you only get two of those, and you need them. ironically, what remains on my thumbdrive, even now as the week winds down, is my blind student's testimony- his weblog assignment, clear as a bell, with a few grammar issues. when i get down to it, i'm lucky, as my sister pointed out, and, i ought to be grateful, and, publish quick, while i've got the orange button, and void(0)'s out to lunch.


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