Monday, May 14, 2007

failed to make it to the bog last night, because a power outage wiped out our dsl, and, too tired to spend the time necessary on the phone to get it hooked up, i fell asleep early again last night. i've been working on catching up on my sleep- i seem to have been a score or so hours behind.

the big news on the personal scene is a cd release party, along with a radio show, and i invite everyone to attend, if not buy a cd. i'd be giving more away, but haven't got organized yet. i'm still not sure exactly how it will work. i've got a few orders already.

the weather is beautiful here- a rare confluence of enough sleep, beautiful days, time with kids, ability to take them to turtle (turley) park, all vehicles running- and what do i do, but forget to feed them on the way out the door. poor kids were hungry- and couldn't enjoy it! we have to get organized, for sure. have to do it better next time, if there is one.

meanwhile, back in the office- a new flat-screen computer to try out. it's the same one that died unexpectedly in january, leaving me out about three months of desktop and e-mails. it now has a new interior, rebuilt harddrive, and i'm ready to start again. this post is a test.

more later...


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