Thursday, May 03, 2007

have hit a busy patch; i've been doing a youtube survey with a class and this has occupied some evenings (this class is making a youtube movie also) well as a trip to columbia, and the little guy coming back out-of-whack with his naps and all. i've missed the bog; my band has released its cd (which is big news for me), & i've barely got on here at all to advertise; the band site still has no sign, though that's just because i have to do it right.

meanwhile, a rain has come in. spring is smelling sweet; an anniversary is coming. to my wife: happy anniversary! our house is hectic, unpacked, a little chaotic. but it's still the best thing that has happened to me- i'm doing well.

more later- stay posted...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you so much...

xoxoxoxoxo happy days, more to come

9:06 PM  

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