Saturday, April 07, 2007

picture break- a cold chill has come over the area, a frost; there was even snow today. at work a woman who has both adopted and borne many children said something to this effect: having borne children, she said, i can honestly say that it is an awesome experience, enlightening, and i feel badly for people who have wanted to do it but never could. but, having adopted also, i can also say the same for adoption: it's different, but it's every bit as enlightening, as growth-encouraging, as awesome as bearing them. and i feel just as badly for people who were never able to experience that...

here's to that. and here's to april: as one of my students said, having seen snow today, all four seasons at once. a birthday kind of season, a kind of time when it's good to see them come around again. the sun will come around again...and here's to corey- happy birthday! april rocks. the 29-yr-old and the 53-yr-old have their days coming too. not to mention my dad, jim- he wrote the book.


Blogger ashoog said...

hi tom . it is nice pictuers.
is this your wife and your children?
i am faisal and actaully i got tired from reading i could not finish what you wrote because you really have a lot of things on your webbloge i wish i can finish reading your stuff which you put on it after one month.

hava nice day .

2:19 PM  

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