Friday, May 11, 2007

here's a new one:

Audience (5-07)...


the band has some news: we're having a cd-release party, wed. may 16th, yellowmoon cafe, cobden. come see us!

break is starting- i take a breath....


Blogger Peggy said...

Gosh Tom! I hope you all have fun on the 16th. I would certainly be there if I lived a bit closer.

I went an had a listen on the myspace site. Very groovy but not nearly enough banjo!!!

Don't they let you sing?

7:18 AM  
Blogger tom said...

Dear Peggy,

There is one song on the cd, that I wrote myself, that is entirely banjo. I will do my best to make it mp3 and send it to you. Or better yet, send you the entire cd.

Actually they let me sing, but I decline out of politeness and general respect. My new hero however is Ralph Stanley who has a voice like mine and sings anyway. If he can do it, maybe I can. His secret is living til 75 and surrounding himself with young women who can sing.

Cobden is a tiny town, a Sutliff or West Branch. It has a great church- Jesus es el Senor. I'm not sure how you'd translate that, exactly, though.

I'll be thinking of you on Wed., Peggy. Especially when I say, :Long live a free Scotland!

10:06 PM  

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