Monday, December 04, 2006

sun., dec. 3, 2006, young friends of the southern illinois friends' meeting performed the monsters of kanifloria, a play based on a fable by aaron piper. at first i did not want to put this play on the web because much of it is directly lifted from the fable. but, i've put aaron piper's name all over it, and now feel that the web needs a record of what happened, of our take on it. it gives him credit- in fact it's notable that in a book full of tales and fables, these children chose this one repeatedly, so perhaps the best part of it, for them, was being able to perform a story that was so familiar. i would also like to put the poster up, which was wild too, and which was entirely a product of their imaginations. these would probably go on the quakersrock site which i've been using in general for the plays and for notice about them.

the unitarians rejected the play good tidings of yule, perhaps because they do these things by committees who worry quite a bit, and i wasn't there to address their worries. that's the best explanation i can offer, not knowing the details, and not willing to admit to any of the play's blatant imperfections.

the 20six site itself is not a great place fot these things, since it doesn't handle the natural returns of play-typing, and, as you can see, does not allow you to pull yourself out of the archive without hacking. the story you see on top, extended family, is also woefully incomplete: poorly developed characters. so, i have refrained from advertising it. have also refrained from fixing it though. it remains, suspended, somewhere over uk cyberspace.

and, below, if you can still scroll down, notice nitroade, our latest project- ours is made of cardboard, with moving, though imperfect wheels, a spoiler, etc. as we troll the web (the 5-yr-old is pretty adept at using google images) i'm aware of the commercial explosion around these things- i will get dozens of search engine hits from just mentioning nitroade, not to mention dinoco helicopter- and, i promise, we will get pictures of our creations up, sooner or later- flo's v8 cafe is suspended up above the piano as i type (and nearby is we've-got-ourselves-a-nodder-d.j.)- but if i were to figure out how to make money off of these cardboard creations, i could quit my day job. i do believe that the young lad is headed for a profession in which his perfectionism and artistic talent will no doubt be better appreciated. in the meantime, if you see some other images- closeups of these "anthromorphs" (?), don't be surprised. we make 'em, even before the metal ones hit the shelves. this nitroade has halloween colors, and the numbers have special significance to eli, who is just mastering both the left-to-right thing and the tens-column nature of the left ones. i must say that elmer's glue is made for corrugated cardboard, which in turn is made for durable-strength architecture, and, is blessedly plentiful in our world. with his perfectionism, we have a lot to work out, not the least of which is the issue of scale and smoothness of driving on hastily cut, not-so-circular wheels. maybe nitroade is from carbondale. ours is definitely an ornament valley native...and, round wheels or not, i've been going with the flo...


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