Thursday, August 31, 2006

was late at the pool today, in the bowels of pulliam, home of the clocktower, and, in the locker room, looked up to see the clock permanently stuck at noon. this is ironic because the clocktower itself always appears at noon, on all siuc logos and the new stationary, symbol of siuc. high noon in carbondale, i like to call that logo, though there's no showdown with anyone that i know of. the clock outside my office is stuck at five o'clock (this is more like it), but, in my classroom is a square-shaped hole where a clock should be but isn't. talk about symbolism. In my office is a very pretty little clock that is not stuck at all, but keeps going around at its own rate, miles from correct, apparently getting stuck sometimes when I'm not watching. A very nice watch that I had in my pocket shattered and now I don't trust it much though it may be ok. The computers are usually a little off but I do notice them, especially if I'm on one; more often, I'll just try to grab a passing glance at something or somebody's wrist while teaching, get some idea, some clue of how much of life is actually passing right under my nose. it's the high noon of life...did anyone set the alarm?


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