Friday, August 25, 2006

living on the west side brings me a whole new set of challenges, especially with the bike ride, which is a steady uphill from sunset boulevard (real name: sunset drive)...emerald and a long freeman hill. some choices having to do with sidewalk vs. street - both being treacherous - and the real choice maybe being another route. actually took a spill one day - but survived probably due to the swimming - and maybe the helmet.

one wild little creek crosses my path - little crab orchard creek - and this morning a deer came out to watch me wheel by. some creatures find it frightening that a person can approach so quickly with so little sound. fortunately my brakes are louder than a horn - so i use them for that purpose.

things are hopping in carbondale - 20,000 new students, and all they bring - and the touch of fall is nice- cooler fresher air is coming. pretty soon it'll be october, and the trains will have to slow down to avoid the ones -drunken students that is- that fall through the cracks. or tracks, as the case may be. I myself hope to be healthier - having survived the wretched, steamy summer, i can now enjoy the place for a while.


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