Tuesday, August 29, 2006

another name for a hundred percent humidity is rain- another name for allergies is august, and another name for "welcome to missouri" is "fireworks"...another name for music is celtic fiddling, but i can't practice, because i broke a string in the heat & humidity, and have to go get another one. borrowed a cell phone the other day, and realized that, yes, now i can walk across campus and look at least a little like everyone else. never mind the thirty year age difference...or the fact that the cell phone went off and apparently i didn't even know it. the rain drenches everything, kind of rare for this time of year- though the humidity is not, and the heat in general is extreme beyond the point of endurance, at least for a heat wimp like me. i remember that in the north, the worst time for cabin fever was in march, where the sixth or seventh month of staying inside got to people, and the four walls would come crashing in and break up their marriages if nothing else...here, it's the end of august, and it's only been three or four months of intolerable, repressive, stay-indoors, readjust-your-internal-thermostat-every-time-you-step-outside, roll-down-your-windows-&-blast-the-aircon-at-the-same-time, where-is-minnesota-when-you-need-it kind of sauna hot tub, and my fiddle, for one, couldn't take another minute of it. and they start playing football in this stuff....drenched with sweat from my bicycle runs, i may be feeling it more than most- and, getting into shape does help it, a little, but, finally, in a place where summer has turned so difficult, so long, so unpleasant, that hope by the a/c duct, i'd like to forget that there ever was summer, much less one that i used to like, or even look forward to...i say, bring on the fall. and the winter too. they're so mild, so peaceful, and you can get on the roof.


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