Sunday, July 02, 2006

an early happy fourth of july to the americans of you out there, and i'm thinking of those of you in exile, some of whom are at least occasional aren't missing much, in terms of the fireworks anyway, in this town, it's always been very hot, very steamy around here, even at dark when they start, and we all have to work the following day, so it's not like you can make an evening of it. and, this being a small town, of course you see people you know out there, and the kids being small and all, you deal with the fact that fireworks are at their base violent and scary- maybe that's the point.

but if nothing else the writing i've been doing has reminded me- that though patriotism is not fashionable in my set, it's a lot harder to write off love for a country when you've trod on as much of it as i have- the spine of the rockies, the big muddy just around the corner, the old hills in the east that they call mountains, the cactus deserts, the bayous, the red-rock canyons, the pine forests. and the people- sometimes you only notice it when you come back- when you're here, it's easy enough to get angry- how can they vote for this guy? why are they arguing about how to get out, quickly or gradually? just admit it and get out, it was a mistake. the country will survive- it will get its reputation back, eventually- one can only hope!

hello out there- have a good one, say a prayer for us, and remember, when you come back- you'll be welcome home!


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