Sunday, May 08, 2016

the flowers are busting out out there, with a zang, with a zing they are everywhere, and the sun is just settling into a blazing routine. it comes up, and it's pretty nice in the morning, then by about ten it's punishingly bright, with clear blue sky and lots of wind. by lots of wind i mean in the twenties, not dust-in-your-teeth thirties, but just a strong hard breeze that makes sure the leaves are connected.

of course it's impossible to get home by ten, or be finished with work, or in some way just shut up the house and turn on the air-con, but that's what people try to do. all through the south, where the sun blazes and it's also way too steamy, people basically watch fox news and let the air-con shut them out from any real suffering, except when they get in their car. here in texas, it's actually pretty dry, and there's no excuse not to go run up an oil rig or something, and make yourself a few bucks, on the wind if nothing else. once you have money you can despise trump and everyone else, and make sure your truck is up good and high and you can go around everyone you don't like. but if you make money, you're at least contributing to the good of the world. you might not be as angry as, say, if you'd lost your job.

i'm lucky that way, and that's why i avoid everyone else. i still have a job, and people leave me alone, and we keep the money going around, what little money we make, and as long as you have money in your hand people are a little more tolerant of you. i'm not knocking texas here, i actually have a lot of good friends here, and love playing music here, it's just that as a general rule, the whole world is tired of hippies like myself who don't quite shave enough, and they let us know a lot, and i've found, having money in my hand is about the best or only antidote to that general kind of disposition. i live in a world where the people i know like me just fine, and everyone else looks at me funny as if they're not quite sure what i'm doing with so many children. Well, i'm not quite sure either so stop staring. i'm sure not going to wait for someone else to come by and tell me.

the kids went to the lazy river today - if you've been with this blog for a few summers you know that's the best place ever, it makes lubbock what it is, and it's especially good for kids. but the sun is hot and punishing. and the kids and i go shooting around the river, again and again, our skin turning darker and darker, or pinker in my case, and all our muscles getting a good workout. the wind is blowing in the twenties. lots of friends of ours, all over the place, but mostly students, in the most stylish of bathing suits. everyone young and good-looking to the point, they don't even notice me, since they are focused on the main job of the young. the children go for that brutal punishment and even laugh and shriek, even five hours into it. they just can't get enough.

and what can i say about out there? it's just life, it's lubbock, it's nothing special, now we're home, and my guess is everyone will sleep well tonight, starting with me. that's good, because tomorrow is monday.


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