Monday, April 18, 2016

had a little political rant but i was really letting off steam, since new york is gajillions of miles away and i'm getting a little more unattached about who actually gets elected. you can tell from my rant, that i feel that it's pretty much out of the people's hands. voting does make a huge difference. counting the ballots too.

i've taken to walking barefoot, nights. it's painful, mostly when i try to put shoes back on, but also in the middle of the night when i get up to use the bathroom. i try to live a mostly barefoot life around the house; that helps. ruthless elimination of shoes at all costs is probably the best thing i can do for myself. once you readjust your entire body balance and load-bearing system, you unleash all kinds of things never before imagined. stickers and dog poop are the least of my worries, i tell you, although i still feel pecan shells, little acorns, and gravel rocks at least until i get a hard skin on.

but the biggest damage is just general ankles, feet, arch-bones, these things that don't generally get weight on them. what, did the shoe eliminate the need for them? i would think so, based on the way i've been in pain. either it gets better, and i get stronger, or else i'll have to admit defeat, and go back to the world of civilization.

i'm in the middle of a publishing binge, of my new e pluribus haiku. you can find it by scrolling down, clicking on the picture, go & buy my new book of poetry. it's intense. took me all year to write about five hundred, and to rearrange or revise the rest, though i missed a few, and had to rely on some colorful relics to fill in the gaps. in order to write a thousand for next year, i have to start now and write at least three a day; i wrote five today. my first five. had some images from baltimore that i came back with; i wrote about them. i have a plan; i'll try to stick to it. i'm psyched up for a new round.

but meanwhile, i've gone and promised a quaker play, so i now have a deadline hanging over me, and i'll be cranking that out soon. in fact, i work best with deadlines. if i didn't have international haiku day, i'd never had my book published at all. time to get the creative machines rolling.

and don't forget - sixty two, avenue q. april rocks!


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