Wednesday, April 13, 2016

new book, available today at the createspace store...will be available on amazon in a few days, in time for International Haiku Day, April 17.

the process is really quite incredible. part of the process is writing 500 in a single year....but i think, that if i get my chops going, i can do the next thousand, about three a day, just keep it up. it's possible. it's taking me a few years to get warmed up.

more about this one later, and especially on the poetry weblog, where i discuss such things, and on all the other weblogs, where i don't need much excuse to start a wide publicity campaign.

the fact is, only about one out of every thousand people even reads poetry, and only one out of every hundred of those ever buys it. so i'm writing to a very limited audience here, and advertising to an even more limited one. no problem. it's how i practice. one can advertise poorly, so if i get in the habit of improving my advertising, eventually i know all the tricks. but it's not really about advertising. it's about cranking it out, and getting it out there, on the table. after a while, if you write two, three, four haiku a day, you live in your own world.


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