Sunday, November 05, 2006

good tidings of yule- a new play, this one written for the unitarians (don't know if they'll take it yet, but they'd better, they don't have much else)...but interesting anyway. you should be able to read it in a good sitting. it might get you ready for the season, who knows? i'm ready for turkey, but the demand is for plays- i wrote another, monsters of kanifloria, which will have a great poster, but which won't go on the web- and which will be performed, hopefully, in early december. had to do it, or i'd have drifted off altogether, i've been so busy. the plays are good as they have a specific audience, i'm in the groove with them, i could probably write dozens, if i had time. i do what i can. was doing my work resume and noticed: 1) there are lots of dead links back there to clean up; 2) i've been very productive lately; 3) still am barely managing to put the newest members of the family in its place; i've moved almost entirely onto blogs, with the static web scene mildewing in the closet. 300 pages back there, in various states of disrepair and need of mopping. will sort it out by first listing them, probably here.

my daughter lists out some of the searches that leads people her way. i thought of doing the same thing...but got only one worth passing along...dawson creek death logging truck...

glad that wasn't me they were looking for.

a second dinoco helicopter is finished; a seventh piston cup, but this cup will be soon followed by another. fortunately there's plenty of cardboard, and the glue is wholesome too. the boys are also old enough for baseball now- had a good time outdoors, where the colors are beautiful, and we have our own pine forest, if we clear out a little brush. will decorate new shed- with license plates.

i'll get searchers looking for "dinoco helicopters," i'll bet. if i were selling 'em, i'd be in the right place at the right time. but i don't sell. i hover- over this moment in time, my spirit a cardboard propeller. i swear, some days i'm held together with a gum band...if i'm lucky.


Blogger J-Funk said...

That's a weird search term. I blogged about Perler beads after Thanksgiving last year and have gotten a few searches for that.

I wish I could see a performance of one of your plays! I can't believe you have the time for that.

Looking forward to seeing you (in two weeks!)

10:26 AM  

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