Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i've been ramblin'...this caused by making a play, but also taking the truck out to get the oil changed, and having it sputter, gasp & die immediately upon leaving the oil-change place. mechanic said it was down four quarts- what's up with that? maybe they forgot to put oil back in it, in which case i'm lucky to still have a truck, i guess. hell would be to pay, i'd tell them, except i'm so tired, it's hard to get up an angry stomp. and they are pretty much nice kids, in awe of a truck about three times their age, not meaning any harm- one even stopped when he saw me & the baby, stranded at a major main-street location on friday.

voted today, and almost voted for mickey mouse twice. he was the most sensible alternative, but i declined & voted for real people, with all their foibles and human weaknesses. i'm not mad because i'm getting plenty of exercise. riding the bicycle to work lately has been putting a fine mist in my face, while the colors of the trees are truly sensational- one more reason not to deal with the truck i suppose. yet my wife is sick; life is busy; there are bills to pay & messes of unpacked stuff wherever i turn. junk, notes, piles of stuff, old linguistics tomes, old cesl webpages copied to fix, etc. would like to get the last play done, too, before i move on. but i need to work on the present one, and the one for the unitarians, and the calendar as i'm dying to do a little graphic arts, just for fun. just for a break. stay posted...whatever else i've been doing, i'm keeping up with the blogging- doing my part in the new transparency, as it's the elixir of sanity, a clear mountain brook, in a life that is a little too chaotic, a little too pushed, a bushwhacking slope of prickly bushes...-ciao


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