Saturday, October 28, 2006

a cold hard rain passed through carbondale, though it didn't seem to stop the cards from winning the world serious up in st louis. it supposedly flooded cape, or so i heard, and flooded my little street too. i stayed home and tried to organize a language theory project which has been occupying my mind since the weather turned cold. lots of other things on my plate, though:

one son is out in kansas visiting the other; both are worrying me. the two little ones are happy and growing like weeds, right under my nose; the older ones are out there, managing on their own at the moment. my daughter is using clever tricks to get 100 people/day to visit her blog; i plod along, telling my story, lucky to get eight, and those are the same eight, probably, over and over again. i'm not worried. after all, it's not at all organized; it would make no sense to anyone who doesn't already know me. these stories are meant to eventually be put in traveling/autobiography/traveling/autobiography etc. form, filling up a whole book and carrying the reader all the way up to now, simultaneously carrying him/her through a couple of years of hard traveling. no telling when it'll be finished, though- some nights, like tonight, i write nary a word. and, there are several considerations: should i really tell the whole story? i think not; i'm already embarassed by some of it, and i've barely scratched the surface. should i print it in publishable form? if so, how? thought maybe i'd give something creative away for christmas again; i've always loved the calendars, especially their graphic nature, but have been working on a cd (almost ready) lately and if we can produce those, that would be best. other projects: it's halloween; i'm involved in helping friends w/marriage problems; am making a new larger dinoco helicopter entirely out of cardboard (love these engineering feats)...and, am trying to write a play for the unitarians, and produce one for my own quakers...would like to repackage my stories, also (the booklet, unloading, has ten, but some of the back five could easily be replaced)...not to mention, unpack the house; move into a new shed; fix the truck & camper, make them more roadworthy; keep the rain off the flattish roof before it freezes; rake the gingko leaves before they rot; throw away tons of junk at work so that the plants i saved will have room; keep up with the usual 50-hr. work wk., complicated by the fact that a new kind of student places a new kind of demand on the system, and nobody, really, is prepared for it; and, last but by all means not least, take a moment to watch the fantastic growing patterns of young folks learning language, learning thinking skills, putting the world into perspective, doing nerve development, etc. there's nothing like it....makes me want to kick myself, for getting involved in so much else. what was i thinking?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be one of the eight!

3:21 AM  

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