Monday, June 19, 2006

they say one reason the crime rate has gone down is that you can do so much of your killing online, you don't have to go out in the street to do it. same with travelling. i was a chronic traveller (see next post down), with hardly a nod to safety; now i wear a bicycle helmet, and can't believe the young girl who veers into traffic without one. and can't believe britney spears when she says, it's the paparazzi's fault that i didn't put my kid in a car seat. yet i myself was reckless and flaunted it. do as i say, not as i did, i have to tell my kids, yet i also have the impulse to write it down. Fortunately, the web is a lot like hitchhiking was, you can go travelling on it; so, i don't have to hitchhike any more....which is good for my future, probably, and that of the kids...i can go anywhere, i can drop into someone's space, i can find out what they're willing to reveal; i can experience their reality, get out of mine for a while. the high-traffic places (two posts down), i might breathe a little easier once i'm out of there, but hey, did you ever hear anyone say they were sorry they did it? sorry they went to a new country? sorry they reached out and met someone?

may the sunflowers bloom in your path- and have a good father's day- what's left of it. here, it's over by nine minutes...and i'm off to bed.


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