Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wallace family

James Jackson Wallace and Margo Irving Wallace

Elizabeth Wallace Wells m. Ray Wells
 - Craig Wells, m. Lynda ?
 - Jay Wells

Emmy Wallace Reynolds m. Joe Reynolds
 - Steve Reynolds
 - Doug Reynolds, m. Sharon ?
 - Stu Reynolds, m. Pam Baker
      Stu had one child, Sierra Soleil

Margret Wallace Leverett m. James R. Leverett Jr.
  -Bruce Leverett, m. Nancy Byers (fam. picture)(picture)
      They had two children: Alison and Ryan
  - Tom Leverett m. Elizabeth Herman, m. Jen Dunn
      my family is here
  - Margot Leverett
 - Bill Leverett, m. Lisa Hopkinson
     they had one child, Lydia Bea

James (Bones) Wallace m. Paula, m. Micky
  - Pam Wallace Hu m. Phil Hu
     they had two children
  - James Wallace m. Cara
     they had one child, Keri
  - Carrie Wallace
     she had three children, Cara, Erin, and Lindsey

all Wallace cousins
Wallace boys with Grandpa
Craig and Sharon
Tom, Bruce, Bill, Margot
Grandpa, Bruce and Tom   

Note: When you get to the pictures, they will be unlabeled. That's because I don't want them appearing in Google images labeled. This is true of most of my family pictures, many of which are on this blog somewhere. When you get there, if you click on the picture itself, you should get a larger version. 


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