Wednesday, November 13, 2019

i have an impulse to put things in order on this blog - family pictures. it's a huge blog, and the pictures aren't very good quality, but they can show people the way the family is, if there is any order whatsoever. after doing genealogy for a while, i've come to realize how difficult my own situation is, and i want to make it accessible to people who come here. actually the family itself would be the main customers in that regard, but, if someone says, who are the wallaces anyway? i can just point to this site (post below) and it should clear things up a little. not that it will tell the story; that will come later.

i have a cousin who is fighting in court to see her grandchildren. you will see them, below, somewhere as well although i'm pretty private about who they are. after watching google images operate for a while i have finally devised a system where the names are now separate from the pictures. you can click on the name and see the picture, but google images will not call it up because the picture is alone by itself, in a post that has no name. this to me keeps the whole thing off google images, though i realize to some degree that is probably futile.

there is some kind of immortality associated with this blog. it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. i make sure these pictures are backed up, but, in the end, this is probably going to be my best stand at making it clear - where i came from, my immediate family, etc.


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