Sunday, April 28, 2019

cloud quakers on zoom - my new passion - but, so far, not an overwhelming response, mostly just people I knew for a while before I even started it. but no matter; it's something i really wanted to try. you need a community, you make one, and it's worldwide, and people really respond to that, or at least i do, because i have to reach past my limited range to find the people i really want to share stuff with.

if you choose to join us, we're on zoom, sun 7 pm US mountain time (8 in chi, 9 in ny) - on zoom dial 373 452 424.

i choose charlie chaplin this week because he was king of the silents. he used his fame in the silents to speak out against war and oppression; he paid a price for that. he was really good at what he did but that didn't stop him from participating fully in life and speaking out when he felt it was necessary.

it's time quakers had a public presence, somewhere that people know to find us. in my small way, that's what i'm doing.


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