Friday, April 12, 2019

more pix soon i promise. i've had the opportunity to hold a very young baby, about three months, in my lap on saturday mornings. it has rejuvenated me. he's a fine, strapping young fellow named tahoe, no relation of mine, just a friend who lets us hold her precious baby.

work will start on our destroyed front porch, it's only a matter of time. meanwhile we have to move, and i have to restore some semblance of order to the yard that still has these piles of dirt and rock on it. meanwhile, i've kind of come to terms with being a sub. it's a hard life but they appreciate me as no one else can handle kids who don't respect their elders. i have ten kids though so i'm used to it. and going deaf anyway. they make a little racket, i don't mind. sometimes they lie, and it doesn't surprise me.

so this baby, lots of times i put him straight to sleep. but once he woke up and began to fuss a little. so i told him a story. i told him soon he would be teething and then he would want to stick everything in his mouth. then he would start crawling and grabbing stuff, and putting all that stuff in his mouth. and some of it would be stuff like dog poop that mom wouldn't agree with at all. and then he would get some independence, and then he would eventually get a driver's license, and go off into the world.

the little baby's eyes grew wild as i was just mostly hitting the high points and not telling him about all the good naps in between. but then it seemed like it was all kind of overwhelming to him. so, he fell asleep again.

she puts him into little fisties that keep his hands covered, in case things in his environment are dirty i suppose. i don't mind though. he lets me hold him and is very congenial.

down in alamo the junior high kids are relentless. but, as i've said, i've made my peace with it. i come home and work on my rocks, and my rock wall.


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