Saturday, December 22, 2018

Look Into Your Eyes

this movie isn't available yet to the public; sorry for putting it here. it's a project i've been working on, a restoration of one i made long ago.

Layla movie

Layla was born in 2010, or thereabouts. Her birth was heavily documented, and at one point I made a movie about her early days. That movie had the picture above as its cover, but, like many movies of those early days, it didn't go anywhere. people forgot about it. even josie & derek forgot about it, and it was about them.

around that time, i was a juror in a trial of a guy who had killed two musicians, the hurd brothers, in a vehicular manslaughter trial. after the trial i went and listened to them, and after i heard this song, i really wanted to save it. i was proud that the movie had saved it, and had documented their early days.

but the movie was deleted when siu severed its relationship with youtube. i'm not sure how that happened, but movies that were made on a account (as this was) disappeared. i didn't know how to save movies at the time and could do nothing. you'd think i had it on my computer, but for some reason i didn't; perhaps i'd changed computers. that movie was lost to eternity.

but, i really wanted it, so, i made another copy. this one has the same song, and the same basic idea. it's about the early days of a baby, and it's intensely personal, so i kept it private. i'm not sure if that means you can see it or not. i know it means the whole world won't come knocking on its door.

it covers, really, more than the first forty days; i have expanded that a little. let's call it the early days, pre-landon.


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