Tuesday, May 15, 2018

home with dog on lap. the kind of headache you get when you are robbed of sleep too much. girls in their room, talking loudly with an older sister back in lubbock texas. i have to remind them, you can't show off your vulgarity when you make a big deal out of being a christian. they're in a trap now. they like to go off on jesus things with their friends, but they're still capable of vulgarity and meanness. it's my job to point out, you can't do both.

ah but you can and people do. they're being socialized in the ways of the world. with my son, i flew out to oregon for a quaker wedding. the light streamed in to the multnomah meeting house, and people spoke up about the couple and how they were perfect for each other. the plane flights were long but my son held up well. my daughter drove us around a little. i have trouble with siri so i was grateful to let them do it. i got to see a little more of portland that way as well.

almost fell asleep on the lonely highway back from el paso to alamogordo, about the most hostile of desert scapes known to man. i demanded that my son talk to me constantly; that helped. i'd been deprived of sleep for over a week. it seemed like i was going to just blank out and swerve into the ditch. it's a lonely road and, fortunately, no cars were in sight. fortunately also, he agreed immediately and kept up the chatter.

the wedding was fabulous, a little on the hipster side. we stayed at the kennedy school, a hipster hotel in the middle of portland. the groom's grandparents were there, the stars of the show. the groom is my son, number five, and it was his big moment; he had friends there from illinois, and others from as far away as kansas, chicago, new mexico, north carolina. the bride and family were from north carolina, and lots of people were there from the south. they served biscuits and gravy, sausage, and collard greens, and some people pointed out that it was a classic southern breakfast. well-catered though.

the place was green and full of fragrant flowers, various shades of pink. whole bushes full of red and orange and pink flowers; they're easier to grow than grass, someone said. lots of well-tended gardens and old craftsmen houses, greenery, huge trees, and moss in the parks. the weather was unusually good, sunny and beautiful. for them, a break from the rain, i suppose, but for me, i kind of wanted the rain and instead felt i'd brought the sunny-and-dry with me. the greenery was stunning though.

some pictures, i hope, are coming.


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