Saturday, April 21, 2018

it's my birthday, and i finally got to my haiku. i've had trouble with it this year - right toward the end, at nine hundred and about sixty, i got burned out and couldn't write a single one. finally i kind of pulled it together and now i'm at nine ninety-eight. but i still have to go through and weed out redundancy, or at least change it - it will probably cost me five to ten more. no problem; i'm almost done. i missed haiku day (april 17), but will get it soon.

my new strategy is to get some of the eight or nine unfinished things off my desk - it's ridiculous. i sit down to list them, in order to prioritize them, and i actually can't even remember a few of them, and often they are the ones that are almost finished. getting some off my plate will help.

as i prioritize i keep coming around to money. i may not be able to save any on a permanent basis, but if i can get an income, steady or whatever, that will help. some things are just going to do better monetarily than others. this tends me toward the esl, which i know like the back of my hand, and away from such things as haiku, which simply don't sell much. the story of the leveretts, i wouldn't expect to sell much either; it's just for the rellies. and what about my memoirs? i need to get this stuff off my desk, so i can concentrate on what works.

spring finally shines out, green and pretty, but it's still cold, windy and dry up here. so dry, so cold, so windy, a fire started up russia canyon, and they all ran out there, it's only six miles south of town, if that fire caught and came this way we'd all be in trouble. and the wind was howling like crazy, whistling in the doorways, kind of a warning, don't you dare be reckless with a cigarette. we don't; we're a very careful family. careful and not especially inclined to smoke.

so, i'm at 998 and elated. so tired i can hardly think about that last push. waking up early has been the rule for this chinese class - i do it every saturday now, and it kind of shoots the weekend, drains me. but it won't last forever; i already see the light at the end of the tunnel. one of these days, i'll retire, for good.


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