Monday, February 19, 2018

this guy looks formidable; he was the governor of the colony (john leverett), and quite an important fellow in colonial boston. this picture comes from the boston latin school hall of fame, although he was a student there; it was his father who i'm researching in this regard, because father, thomas, made the notes by which the boston puritans established this first free school. john, one could say, might have been its first victim, but in fact, he was seventeen upon arrival in boston, and was probably freed of the burden.

in those days latin was very important. one was educated, if one knew some. that was what this school was about. john, however, went on to a career of wheeling and dealing, running ships across the sea, etc., and had very little to do with latin, or schooling, as far as i can tell. not sure why he's in the hall of fame; perhaps because of the father. or perhaps this is intended to be the father.


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