Monday, January 15, 2018

it's king day, and i have to say, we white folks still don't quite know how to celebrate. i'm too tired to invite people over and have some kind of feast; in fact, my christmas tree is still sitting out there in the yard waiting for me to figure out what to do with it (my wife says, slash pit). i hauled in some wood and made a couple of pots of coffee. the twelve-year-old (girl) is gone leaving the nine-year-old (girl) restless with nothing to do. both girls love skating so she (the nine-year-old) has donned her snowsuit and jacket in hopes i'll get the hint. i'm not getting hints; we have three boy gamers over too, and they need supervision. my wife is down the hill getting supplies.

heart of the winter, is the best way you can describe this holiday. we used to talk about "january thaw" coming at the end of january, as it used to do, but i don't know if it still does or if it ever did, in this part of the country. we get snow and it tends to stick, as we have quite a bit now, but it didn't stop me from hauling wood in or even working outside; it's actually pretty mild and even sunny.

the big news here is that we took over a tiny house next to us, for minimal rent, partly because we needed space and partly because we'd like, ultimately, to start a quaker meeting. it has a tiny living space, and a view similar to ours, across the white sands, but it still has an unfinished kitchen and insides, so we got it cheap. the guy set about fixing it up with quality wood, quality insulation, quality windows, etc., but couldn't finish, and had to get back to washington state. he was in the habit of hanging around the local bar offering it to down-and-out locals, but we took it instead, partly in order to keep such people out. we'll move our oldest son in there first, probably, and go from there. he'll help with the internet fee out of his youtube earnings.

time for another pot of coffee, i think. the oldest son's dog is a pest, when his boy is away, and just made a racket when the internet serviceman came by. others are going strong too. i'm still exhausted, trying to gather up strength to 1) teach as a sub in the alamo schools, 2) take two courses to continue my ed degree, 3) tutor part time at an old writing lab job; 4) teach a class of chinese children, writing, and 5) keep visiting dad once a week, 90 miles away, a thoroughly exhausting chore; 6) keep the wood hauled, kids fed, dishes washed, laundry done, etc.


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