Monday, January 16, 2017

it started out with graduation, which helped me relive a very emotional experience, see below. several people responded to it, and in particular i responded to the way they worked together. i thought they represented a variety of emotions you could feel when watching a graduation, and, represented in a way the way the viewer himself puts an interpretation onto what is otherwise just a bunch of people sitting in chairs. it was interesting and twisted in a way.

to do it i used lunapic, a free photo editing service, which has all these ways of doctoring photos: "van gogh," "picasso," "watercolor," etc. really i have only begun to explore them. watercolor, in particular, is most interesting if you back off of it (it tends to drench everything in red just to start out, and a red tint is fun but a red bath is a little overdoing it). there are ones called "dark" and "beauty" which you will see. other artists represented are "escher" and "kandinsky"; kandinsky is especially interesting. of course there is "warhol". there are a few more. there are ways, as i said, to back off of some of them; one can also combine them. this is fascinating!

so, after a day of mostly just researching the d b cooper incident (which is quite interesting, see below), i spent a day doing pop. i did deer, couch, from the back porch, swallow, tigers, fence, white sands, look west, skunk, and roscoe. most of them are exhibits (two, three or four trying to work together) although skunk and look west are by themselves.

glorious day, to do just pop art, like the old days of pure posterization. i admire lunapic - it's free - and whatever it's doing to these photos, it's interesting. i have no idea about the formula they use to do it, but what fascinates me, really, is the combination. even "sharpen" has a hundred variables.


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