Saturday, November 10, 2012

ok so they blocked off the street again, flint between nineteenth and twentieth, and this time it was for the studio tour which apparently passes through this one house up on nineteenth and that warranted them closing this one block of a very busy flint, because a lot of people were coming and going from that little place.

now those houses up on nineteenth are mansions, and by virtue of buying one, you subject yourself to public scrutiny and criticism about how you renovate, rebuild, etc. but i am new to the neighborhood, not only can't imagine what it's like to live up there on nineteenth, but also am not about to criticize anyone for any of the various things people do. i might actually go on this tour, being that i'm obsessed with the neighborhood and all, and obviously they are letting some part of it be open to the public. art, i believe, is also involved.

was proud of myself that i didn't go bonkers when there was another big accident up there, didn't let it get to me too much, yet this is because i'm way over-exposed on that corner anyway, i've been doing nothing but taking pictures of it for a week. and yet it seems to be having its moment in the sun. two accidents, and a studio tour, and blocking it off twice, unexpected silence for a while in the afternoon, a dearth of traffic. and this was very nice.

went out for another long walk in the neighborhood; a cool wet wind was coming in from the north; i'm wearing my shoes these days because my feet are worn to bloody. in the park the trees make it very calm; the wild sky changes, and if it's clear i see lots of stars. tonight, not clear; clouds poured in with their moisture. one side of it is flint, rather busy. i like that, though; it's my own street, i'm home, i don't feel like i have to explain myself. i've seen remarkably little of lubbock, the surrounding area, the towns, the plain, the canyons. but i've seen this little park, and the corner, a block the other way. i'm doing microfamiliarity first.

relatives are curious about moving to texas. i say, keep in mind, it's 70/30 romney country, even in the city, but there are lots of jobs, good weather, nice dry sun. water will last about 20 years tops. we have to find another way of capturing what's up there, and not letting people throw it away, on their lawns. or, we'll all end up killing each other for it.

plenty of jobs, even writing; they have newspapers, and those are looking for writers. and proofreading too. lots of people here, good economy, things happening. if i could get my music scene going, i'd enjoy it more though. a little west texas sawing would do my soul good. i'm a keep looking, there's got to be something. chou, g'night.


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