Friday, November 09, 2012

big accident tonight at flint and nineteenth, the big corner one block away where i stress out every day as i cross, sometimes four or six times a day, on a bicycle. this was at dinnertime; a policeman came and blocked the street in front of our house, one block away, and the red and blue lights flashed into the house during dinner and bathed the hearth with its purple glow. i went out to see what i could see up the street without actually going up there. a couple came by walking their dog, a setter which was very friendly to the policeman. the policeman didn't know what had happened; when the man said it was probably students, the policeman said it could have been anyone. i liked that. not too quick to judge.

it was a whopper though, and we could see a firetruck and some large tow vehicles come through; the street was blocked for forty minutes or so. i was quick to point out that this was the very intersection that i have been obsessed with for several weeks, but, i didn't really have the rubberneck spirit to go and get all the details, or actually seek out more stress by knowing a little more about everyone whose life was dramatically altered at that corner. or, i could have gotten more pictures, these nighttime shots with red and blue, action shots, whatever. i resisted; i've had enough. one result of my obsession is that as i walk around, i feel ok about it; i don't have excess anxiety. it is what it is; it's where i live. police and ambulances come & go; i rest. we're going out for ice cream, the other direction.


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