Saturday, June 26, 2010

No, I didn't take this picture; apparently you could see this eclipse in North America, but I was exhausted, and babysitting, and saw nothing of the sort. Yes, I stole the picture from CBS, and, yes, I even feel guilty about it, but hey, it's everyone's moon, and it's everyone's earth that is casting the shadow, and, it didn't take all that much to line it up, pay the model, and run it through a darkroom. Bottom line: I'm conflicted about stealing the photo, but somehow feel that even this is a way of noticing it, that I would otherwise miss altogether. Now there's a full eclipse of the moon in December: let's put it down right here. We people ought to see this stuff, instead of just stealing the pictures. Let that stand as a promise; an affirmation; I find that if I at least write it down, I'll have a better chance, come December.


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