Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the student center bowling area television is right around the corner from the starbucks coffee, and not far from where i teach; they've been playing the world cup there on large television and attracting a somewhat diverse crowd as it has access to all of the student center, some seats, lots of space. but generally i'm too busy to even sneak a peak and the world cup has been mornings: first games over by eleven; another one then but all over by about two. i've been putting my feelings on the work blog but some of it is entirely personal and also, i know so little of which is speak, that sometimes i'm probably better off here.

so the weak heats up, and there's midterms and all, and the games, er, matches, start flying by and I'm missing quite a few of them. i was surprised to see japan outplaying cameroon for all of about three minutes, but slovenia, slovakia, italy, all of them flew right by with nary a glance from me. my students were so busy, they talked english, maybe they knew worldcup is a worldwide language and won't get them where they're going. then however today i got a minute and poked my head around a corner. there were the brazil fans- they had a flag or two, they were wearing home-town uniforms; they had a guitar, and a vuvuzela; they sang in portuguese; they cheered their favorite, kaka. they watched passionately. the bowling center seemed huge; their group cozy. it was nice. it was real passion for the game, the experience.

it's steamy out. no sign of letting up, on the part of the weather, or the schoolwork, or even life in general. been up since 5 am, and now it's time to put the little guys in bed; i've about had it, and will put this away in a few minutes. needed a swim today, but was too busy; couldn't fit it in in the given time. then, if it doesn't rain, it just swelters, everyone's miserable, then i really should water the garden; i'm trying to remember; i have no other status; i'm frying out here, and if not for a steady diet of world cup, i might wilt on the vine. have to use the aircon as i drive about. don't LIKE, going outside, then in, then back out. need a cool cave, to lie down in, and maybe write a book.


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