Saturday, December 27, 2008

holiday update:

-family photos were put here by son-in-law Derek; I maintain that the one of me makes me look fat, but i am fat, this being the holidays & all. unshaven too. i was lucky that seattle blizzards delayed josie & derek, thus got five on one couch at one time; this i took as the gift that it was, but now, i'm a little tired.

-it's a bit of a holiday season, with kwanzaa starting, st. stephens day yesterday, and what's known as paper route day today, a personal holiday i've remembered for many years. it so happens that it would only make sense that one would get a paper route only after christmas tips had been received; this recalls to me the friend, d.m., who gave it to me. this would have been maybe in 1966. pittsburgh post-gazette, 42 cents a week.

-getting started on the autobiography again (below); would also like to organize plays, home pages, and another batch of short stories, to make a book out of. not to mention, wal-mart reprint, haiku, the all-elusive novel, and maybe organize songs i'd like to learn.

-looked into kwanzaa a bit....what's up with this? could a white guy, who loves africa & all things african esp. music, and has a son to teach, still celebrate a holiday that tends to concentrate on being black, tends to have the image of afro-marxism, separatism, etc., and still doesn't have a huge following, even among the black community, the best i can figure. what's the point? it's an open question. maybe i'm the only one to buy the kwanzaa book at the barnes & noble. but hey, i'm a learn some swahili, if for no other reason, than to know some swahili. it's never too late.


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