Thursday, June 05, 2008

so i'll give you a little background on the pop art. i have an overwhelming job of redoing cesl webpages, which really need a lot of pictures; have no incoming pictures, my supplies have dried up a little. don't have a camera, no time to borrow & use one, really, though that would be a possibility. so last term i'm totally overwhelmed with papers, stacks of 38, one after another, and need a break, visually if nothing else. i notice that these flat macs have a little pop-art camera on them. it's kind of like when they moved the copier outside my door and i got into xerox art. anyway the camera points right at a huge stack & i'm on my way. pretty soon i notice that not only is my office full of cool stuff, but it needs to be cleaned out a little. some of these old newspapers need to see the daylight. some have had a swimming towel hanging over them a little too long.

sure enough, there's a marilyn in the stack. now i don't know much about andy warhol, but pop art apparently is a whole genre. i'm a little new to the field...but, these will be useful to me anyway, with the web pages. we at cesl have kind of old-looking stuff sometimes. it's not that pop-art is new, it's just that it jumps you a little. makes you forget where there's old design.

so, i'm investigating pop art culture...making it as i go along...


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