Friday, May 30, 2008

ok ok so i haven't posted for a while, got busy, had no access, blah blah, but mainly, just got busy. now i'm full scale back into grading, doing html already getting old because too much detail and too many little errors to correct is a little to similar to the bone-crushing detail of paper-grading. my students are hard at work researching the ice shelf collapse of the antarctic, and this is very interesting if only because carbondale is beginning to get steamy, inhospitable, too hot for comfort. my classes themselves are smaller and more manageable- only 22-paper stacks as opposed to 38-paper- but, a stack is a stack, full time is full time & that's it. break times i do pop art...see andy warhol? our computers warholize anything we have in our office. so i'll give you an art tour of images in my office. first one- ancestors. second one- media.

have been experiencing sore wrist, and was afraid of carpal tunnel syndrome. one night it was so bad i went to bed before i'd even finished grading, but that happens often. and my life is not all that bad- though i grade from 9-11 or 12 sometimes, i often leave work early or swim, in other words, i'm just filling out an 8-hr. day or sometimes more. so anyway i go to bed worrying about carpal-tunnel, remember i'm a fiddler, don't want to lose that wrist, and wake up at maybe 3 am with my hand clenched completely, thousand pounds of pressure on my grading fist. why? i have no idea. it's like those people who grind their teeth to a nub. it answered the question...why is my wrist in pain?

it all will work out. down there in the antarctic, where ice shelves keep collapsing and falling into the sea, it turns out that the poles are shifting, and that that's where the deepest seawater comes up, churns around, and mixes. it's where the atlantic pours into the pacific, or the other way around. it's where, if you have a drain, say, on your roof, and lots of sticks get caught up in there, all kinds of hell might break loose. and consider, not only do we have the greenhouse thing going on, but we have that huge collection of plastic and debris sitting out there in the center of the ocean, in the backwater, the brackish place where debris ends up when all the other water is moving. so i think this inquiry into watkins ice shelf may turn out to be interesting...i'll keep you posted.

maybe i can put watkins ice shelf on a pop-art piece. now there's a cultural icon for ya. chou


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