Monday, June 09, 2008

got a bit nervous tonight, reading in the local post, that a glacier is moving at a "fast slip" and causing a 7 earthquake every day in the antarctic, a place that has already heated up ten times as fast as the rest of the world, lost 80% of the foundation of its ecosystem (krill), and, on top of it all, is undergoing a change in the magnetic poles which everyone agrees on but nobody understands. it's like, this ball we're spinning on, is about to splash in the puddle.

and i, nero, would be glad to fiddle as the earth burns, but i tweet, or, make pop art, or better yet, a pop art movie, in my office, killing time with my son the pokemon fan, pop art coming, i promise. things have heated up now a little, summer is in full swing, the older boys are in camp, and i look forward to a trip to blistering el paso & las cruces just to get away from the humidity. the son, in the back seat, is prone to sudden pokemon non-sequitur (sp?) outbursts, like "charizard has 70 hp" showing that, really, this pokemon thing is really on top for him, though he likes hanging around the office making pop art, cartoon art, and movies. i of course have no clue how to use i-movie, no clue.

the air-con is just as bad as the pressing heat, and worse, it's responsible for the antarctic, no doubt. my penguin friends: gentoo, chinstrap, adelie, & the emperor, with no clothes- it's too hot down there too. wilkins and larsen-b, i swear, i'm-a-put these guys in my novel, though they been dead a while, these were the ice shelves that just collapsed. i use "just" in the antarctic sense, it's been a regular event, larsen-c is next. i think if i worked down there, maybe i'd be grateful for an occasional 7.1 earthquake, a little glacier bumping on the ice-pack once in a while. a daily one, i'm not so sure. i'd have to be there to know.

my students dutifully write papers about how we should walk to work, or maybe, recycle more. yes, i'm trying. ride my bike once in a while too. try to get there before 8, so as to miss the blazing heat of the day, duck into faner's air-con, which, of course, would be on anyway. in the back seat, my son says, 'zen head-butt is a powerful attack...' right out of the clear blue sky. that's clear-blue, in the figurative sense, a southern-illinois kind of clear. a hot, muggy blazing clear. speaking of the weather, tornados spotted recently, as close as giant city road, and it isn'e even flag day. they're having trouble getting firecrackers for the fourth, but hey, i've been down on firecrackers anyway, i could live without them altogether, ever since i got hit in the face with one, in the bicentennial year. sunset concerts, that's different. but for the fourth, think i'll stay home, maybe grade papers, do pop art...chou


Anonymous bruce said...

Alison and Ryan were both able to clue me in. "hp" stands for "hit points". Now I know.

11:09 AM  

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