Thursday, October 05, 2006

-got back in the groove on some travel stories, see guatemala & cape cod, below;
-made an entire dinoco helicopter out of cardboard, with propeller and skis, colored, good for the 4-yr.-old- now i have to figure out how to put mater, the tow-truck, in it. was impressed by the cars movie, and have a new philosophy: float like a cadillac, sting like a beemer. best movie in the ornament valley, i'd say.
-got caught up in a troubled marriage; it's a tragedy, is all i can say. makes a person conjure up a downpour, and hope for a better day. hope for some peace, some sleep, a chance to not only ride through the autumn day, but also stop, brush the fallen leaves off my shirt.
-got the opportunity to take the two little ones on my own turf, student center corridor where they are a novelty and in some cases respond to the buckets of attention that rain on them. if it was a habit, though, i'd find a better place to go than mc-d's, which is an odd place for a kid to try out his first steps. they did give a toy, this time, though. a kind of unusual surprise.
-saluki pride, greek life, homecoming, tailgate culture, university politics, all seem to be at their peak, in touch with the leaves, maybe. show your colors, i guess. i'm more of a november guy myself, as i watch these leaves go through their stages, i wait for the brownish one, where they'll sit there for a while, dry out, and return to the earth from whence they came.


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