Thursday, September 21, 2006

ok, so here's the idea. write a simple autobiography- tell the whole story, the four cities i grew up in, the travelling, life in iowa, korea, kansas, and here, not to mention summers in ohio, minnesota, and chicago- little side trips to here & there, whatever occurs to me, but simple. how i picked up these eight children, for example. but intersperse it with the travelling stories, many of which i have already written, many of which are indexed down at the side of the template. hopefully the whole thing will hold together, 52 yrs. of life going every-other-chapter with an equal number of travelling vignettes. hopefully i can put the just passing through graphic on the cover & give it away as a kind of first seff-published thing. i'm inclined to write something almost every night, though i'm way too tired much of the time, and these days not directed toward much but this is kind of flowing out of me onto this blog. i'm made aware, by my mom's printing of her memories of my grandfather, that it will be of some interest to at least some people. and great interest to some, i hope. i've never finished the quilt...but i can at least do a little of this.

studying 'role overload' in my class, and realize i'm afflicted with it. if the complexity of my life is making music an afterthought, then my life is truly too complex. but, i'm into this writing gig. bear with may not, at this point, care about the early days. i'll try to make it readable. it'll be below- in italics- then it'll be indexed...then i'll print it, i hope.

one can always dream. and, if that goes nowhere, one can at least practice.

happy ramadan...l'shana tova...chusok chuk'hamnida....vaya con dios


Blogger J-Funk said...

I love your stories Dad, and I would love to have them in a book!! That's a fantastic idea. I have always held it in the back of my mind that my blog could someday be picked through and used for something more... I even save my blog each month to my computer for that very reason. Yours, which is full of good personal history, would really be great for that!

12:40 AM  

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