Thursday, January 26, 2006

on weblogging

i've become militant about my swimming, refusing to let anyone schedule noon meetings for any reason, and it's very related to weblogging in the following way. in the same way swimming works for me - it puts oxygen into my back and shoulder muscles, and releases stress in the places where i store it - weblogging does the same thing for my professional life. if you get the appropriate muscles moving, the flow of stress through you is not a bad thing. if on the other hand i continue storing stress in my shoulders, but only exercising my legs...well, then, i'm not a happy camper.

the output on the esl front has resulted in what i'm calling the january blizzard, mostly because it just keeps coming, at the expense of other things in my life. i've developed all these theories over time, and over careful observation in the process of teaching, yet i've never organized them coherently (and still haven't). write first, organize later. but swim every day...


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